Raising venture capital can be a very stressful experience.
Fill out this brief, anonymous survey to tell us which parts of the fundraising process you think are particularly stressful.
What was the last round that you've raised (or tried to raise)?

What's the worst part of raising venture capital? What's been stressing you out the most?

1 - easy-peasy
5 - sucks big time
Creating the fundraising deck

Getting initial meetings

Assembling all the data/numbers which the VCs asked for

The number of VCs I had to meet during the process

The number of meetings I had to take with some of the VCs

Having to answer dumb questions by VCs who didn't understand our business

Getting rejections

Not understanding why VCs have passed

Not knowing where I am in the process - i.e. no "yes" but also no clear "no"

Negotiating the Term Sheet

Preparing the material for the "post Term Sheet Due Diligence"

The paperwork after the Term Sheet (contracts, closing procedures,...)

What else has stressed you out?

Which of the following things have happened to you already?

Anything else you want to point out? Any other input on what VCs can do to make fundraising less stressful for founders?

Many thanks for taking the time to fill out this Typeform! I will share the results on www.theangelvc.net shortly.

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